Do You Know How The "X Factor" Affects You?

The X-Factor masquerades as a singing competition, but really it's just a popularity contest. Kicking off in Nottingham on the 15 February 2019, the tour will visit Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. The X Factor Live Tour is returning for 2019 and tickets will go on general sale at 9am on Friday (19th October).

The main hotbed of talent this year has come in the "Over 25s" category, with three of the four original singers making up the final five contestants, proving that the great British public are not just interested in teenage pretty boys who struggle to hold a note.

Of the 16 finalists from the 2018 TV show, the tour features Scarlett Lee, Acacia & Aaliyah, Danny Tetley, Anthony Russell, Bella Penfold, Brendan Murray, Shan Ako and 2018 X Factor winner Dalton Harris from Jamaica. Regardless of how they affect us, they engage us emotionally and the "X factor" that lives within them, speaks to something inside of us, often times, something that we lack or yearn for.

The truth is they have all had a great time." Although this isn't an official confirmation, Cowell's comments certainly imply that The X Factor will be back in 2019. If so, mark this in your calendar; The X-Factor crew will be rolling into Cork City next month to hold auditions for Season 16 of the hit show right here in the Rebel county.

Saara Aalto and former X Factor finalists is just one of the competitive celebrity contestants for Dancing on Ice 2019. Personally in my opinion I feel that the audition stage of the show is now a bit too pre made and acted, with all the settings and music. X-Factor Live Tour 2019 line-up revealed, including Ireland's X Factor denmark 2019 rising star Brendan Murray.

In my opinion that was the best thing about the show, it started off very slowly where you could really hear the raw and unique talent in peoples voices and then it slowly picked up moving into boot camp with a bit of backing music, then it went into the judges house before going onto the huge live final stage.

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